About Us and Our Vision!

Marmaris.com is a “Team of Locals” who are dedicated to provide amazing travel services to our international guests visiting Marmaris. We Love Marmaris & We want “our visitors” and tourist guests to have very “positive, happy, amazing, satisfactory” experiences in Marmaris. 

  • All the services we provide are tested and verified for “Peace of Mind”. We DO NOT work with insufficient, un-satisfactory tour organizers. We do not recommend or sell any service that is not valuable.
  • We sell “Excursions, Water Sports Activities, Private Tours, Yacht Tours, Vacation Rentals & Airport Transfers”
  • We provide those activities and bookings at very affordable prices!
  • All the services we provide are tested and verified for greatness!
  • We strive to be very “Customer Service” oriented.
  • We know Marmaris and the nearby places to visit, inside-out.
  • After finding out about your needs and wants, We will Always guide you that will be most suitable for you and your group.
  • You can book most your activities with just one-click here with us! and NOT WORRY!
  • You have Only-One Company to deal with. No need to deal with many different people for bookings.
  • Our team members know all about Marmaris and activities. You will get the most accurate info.
  • Our English-speaking team are mostly local people, real Marmaris people.

We Will Always Put a Smile on Your Faces!

Why Do We Run Marmaris.com!

Over the years, we have noticed that Marmaris has developed a lot and got bigger. With that came many more people to do business in Marmaris. Most of those people don’t know how to operate a hospitality business and only focused on making just profits.

All that caused the quality of services to drop dramatically. Tourists/Guests were not satisfied and that created confusions on where to go to do their bookings, where they can trust and have peace of mind.

That is where Marmaris.com come into play. Our main focus is “Quality Guests Services FIRST”. There are no gimmicks, lies, hidden fees or anything  unknown. You will get more value than what you pay for.

If you do not want headache and want to deal with ONLY ONE Booking Agency, just contact Us. Have Peace of Mind!

How to do the Bookings!

  • Our English-Speaking Team will help you with your bookings and other questions!
  • You can book “Regular Standard Daily Activities & Excursions” or “Group Bookings – Private Group Bookings” on our website Marmaris.com
  • If you have questions about anything, “you can leave a message on our website” and you will be contacted with an answer. If you requested a booking through a message, we will get back to you with a “reservation confirmation”.

Please Don’t Forget!

We Will Always Put a Smile on Your Faces!