Ege Vera Restaurant

Ege Vera Restaurant


Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant
Restaurant – Turkish Kebab House

“Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant” is a popular restaurant and famous with their Turkish kebabs. All kinds of authentic dishes and kebabs, such as: Grilled meatballs, Adana kebab, Shish kebab, Chicken kebab, Eggplant kebab. Besides kebabs they serve variety of pides (Turkish pizza), pizzas, soups, salads, appetizers and deserts. All food has a touch of Turkey, tastes from different parts of Turkey, which are delicious.

“Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant” is very centrally located. Right in the center of where all the daily action is. Surrounded by banks and government offices, close to Marina as well.

“Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant” is pretty large restaurant. This place is also great for arranging business and/or group meetings, small size weddings. It is very nicely decorated. Service is great, stuff are very friendly and hospitable. Alcoholic beverages are also available.

If you want some taste of Turkey and some Kebabs, we highly recommend “Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant”.


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