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Fishing Tour in Marmaris Bay!

Think outside the box and instead of going to the beach or the hotel pool do something different and go to Marmaris fishing tour! Fishing is a popular pass-time hobby and Marmaris offers a unique fishing environment.

Most fishing tours in the world requires you to go outside the bay area and cruise for hours to find good fishing spot. In Marmaris you will be fishing right in the bay – most of the time – with the view of Marmaris. So we recommend that, don’t for get to bring your camera.

Marmaris fishing boat captain is a seasoned fisherman and he knows all the best fishing spots. All the fish that you catch are not the biggest, they are all small or average size but that is the nature of the fish available in this area. Sometime if you get lucky, you can catch pretty big fish. Even if you have never went fishing before, or you think you do not know how to fish, Marmaris fishing tour is the opportunity for you to learn and experience it. You will be guided and taught fishing by your seasoned captain and tour guides. Fish in Marmaris bay is pretty small and sea is calm. So this is the perfect opportunity.

Pick-up time for Marmaris fishing tour is 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. – Departure is at 10:30 a.m and return is at 13:30 p.m

1 – You will be picked-up:

You will be picked-up from your hotel or you can walk to the boat if you wish. Once arrived at the Marmaris fishing boat, just get seated, It is a pretty nice size boat which can accommodate about 20-30 people. The fishing boat is docked at the Marmaris Marina. When you come to the boat you will have chance to see the marina in the morning. Marmaris marina is pretty nice in the morning. Bring some cans if you would like to have some coffee at the nearby cafes while waiting.

2 – Get your rods – equipment – bait:

There are many fishing equipment, fishing rods on the Marmaris fishing boat. Also you will have the best, most professional fisherman as a tour guide. They will provide you with your fishing equipment. You will also be provided with the baits which is included in your Marmaris fishing tour price.

If you are inexperienced about how to fish or how to use the fishing rods, and/or use the baits, your tour guides will teach you with pleasure and make sure you catch some fish. You will build confidence and learn.

3 – Return Back to Harbor:

Once you are done fishing at about 13:00 p.m. you will return back to Marmaris harbour. If you like you can take with you all the fish you caught, or if you do not want to take the fish to your hotel room, you can leave them on the boat. Usually people leave all the fish on the boat. They go fishing just for fun.

You will be dropped-off back to your hotel.


Included… If Needed:
Hotel Pick Up
Hotel Drop Off

Rods & Baits
NOT Included… Personal Expenses
Food & Beverages
Photos & Videos
What to Bring… –  Sun Cream if you need!
– Hat & Sunglasses if you like!
– Camera
– Some money/Credit Card for photos & personal expenses.

Additional information

Ticket typeFisher, Guest
FoodNo Food
Excursion TypeBoat Trips, Day Trips, Fishing, Short Activity
Size / PersonMin 1 person
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