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WOW! Marmaris Off-road Jeep Safari Tour

Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour is a MUST. Some people take this tour 2 or 3 times during their stay in Marmaris. It is sooo much fun! Wear your scarf around your head, put your sunglasses on, get in the mood. Look like a pirate. We are going to have fun. If you like to purchase one of these water pistols from our guides, go ahead. You might need it. We will be playing like kids. YOU WILL GET WET!

You will have LOTS OF FUN in one day!.

Pick-up time for “Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour” is about 8:00 – 8:30 a.m

1 – You will be picked-up from your hotels by jeeps:

Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour starts by picking everybody up from their hotels. Before we pick you up from your hotel make sure you are prepared. Pack all you need: Sun glasses, sun cream, a hat or scarf against sun and dust. Get your camera for amazing photos. NOTE: You should protect your electronics and valuables during rides and it will be muddy and wet.

Then everybody that are going to join the Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour gathers at the meeting point. At the meeting point there is usually a cafe where you can have some beverages in the morning.

Each Jeep holds about 8-9 guests. At the meeting point everybody is placed in a jeep matched with other people and you make a team, a group. There might be people from other nationalities in any jeep.

Just from the start, always remember that, you can be as joyful as you wish during the Marmaris Jeep-Safari Tour or you can just sit and enjoy the scenery, the wilderness and the whole action. If you would like to join the fun group and play we recommend you rent a water-pistol. Because there will be a lot of water being thrown from jeep to jeep mostly by water-pistols

While doing that you can enjoy the country roads sided bye the pine trees.

2 – Departure from the Meeting Point to Briefing Point ( short ride ):

Once everybody is in their jeeps and now we have a team ready for lots of fun, laughter and adventures. We will have a short ride to the top of a hill where you can see Marmaris from the top. It is a nice view of Marmaris where you can take pictures.

Here you will be given a serious information about safety procedures, cautions, what not to do and information about the whole day. You will be introduced to your professional Jeep-Safari tour-guides and your drivers.

3 – Marmaris Jeep-Safari Tour Starts:

After the briefing the jeep convoy will set off and start climbing up the mountain. First driving on the regular roads and then entering the country road that is a dirt road, that will get dusty, where there is no regular traffic. The country roads are not paved and it is bumpy. Here you can start to play with your water-pistols. During this time you will be playing with your water pistols have fun in the sound of a beat music most of the time. Scream, laugh, dance, use your water pistol, make friends, take pictures… Enjoy yourselves! We are headed to “The Turgut Waterfall”.

Along the way you will have stunning views of the wilderness and the small Turkish villages. You will have short breaks to relax. We will take swimming breaks at untouched beaches, and waterfall.

First Stop – The Turgut Waterfall: Once we arrive to the waterfall area, after we park, we will walk up to the waterfall where you have chance to swim under the waterfall. If you do not want to swim enjoy the amazing forest. There is a little locally run cafe like shop where you can purchase food and beverages from local village people.

Don’t be surprised when you see traditionally dressed villagers on donkeys, flock of sheep or wandering goats.

Lunch: Ready for Lunch? After the waterfall we will get on our jeeps and head to our lunch spot. You will relax here while enjoying lunch cooked by local village people. It is still in the nature. During lunch time your jeep safari team members will play some funny games. It is a laugh!

Next “Kizkumu Beach” – Walk on the water: This will WOW you! “The Kizkumu Beach” is our next and final stop before we head back to Marmaris. Here you will “WALK ON THE SEA” – Really … In the water there is a natural beach like sand road where you can walk on. Must take your camera with you and take lots of pictures to make your friends jealous. You will have Priceless moments!

4 – Going back to Marmaris…

We will get back on our jeeps. This was the last stop of “Marmaris jeep safari”. After some nice ride of this Marmaris area we will reach back to Marmaris and we will arrange with team members to drop you back to your hotels.


Enjoy the the mountain views of Marmaris and Bozburun Peninsula
Kizkumu – walk on the sea by following the sandbar. This a once in a lifetime experience.
See little country villages and countryside of Marmaris.
Turgut Waterfall
Untouched beaches
Marmaris Jeep-Safari drivers will do their best for your safety & security and also entertain you. They know the area and the dirt roads so well. They will make sure you have fun. There is music in the Jeep and the drivers will play those music according to the teams mood.
Use your water-pistol. Participate in the battle with water guns and get other guests on the other jeeps wet. You will have so much fun and also make new friends.

Not recommended for guests with walking difficulties, pregnant ladies and very young children under 3 years old! The country roads are bumpy!
Before there is water and wetness involved, be sure to bring some waterproof bag protect your camera, phone etc. Your back-pack or a plastic bag will do.
During the Jeep Safari trip in Marmaris, you have to choice to be joyful and play, throw water to other people in the other jeeps. Bring some cash!
We Hope You Enjoyed It!

Included… Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off
English Speaking Crew
Full insuruance
Admissions Fee to “Turgut Waterfall”Admissions to “Kizkumu Beach”
NOT Included… Water-pistols can be rented for a fee before the safari starts. No obligation ( rent fees supports the team)
Photos and video CD – ( a videographer will be filming the whole tour – at the end of the tour those photos and videos can be purchased as a CD )Personal expenses
Extra Food & Beverages
What to Bring… –  Sun Cream if you need!
– Hat & Sunglasses if you like!
– Some money/Credit Card for photos & personal expenses.
– Camera
– Comfortable Shoes

Additional information

Ticket typeAdult (13+), Child (7-12), Infant (0-6)
Excursion TypeAdrenalin Activity, All Tours, Day Trips
Size / PersonMin 1 person

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