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Marmaris Turkish Bath experience will add spice & relaxation to your vacation. It is believed that Turkish bath is one of the best way to be cleaned and get relaxed in the world. Turkish bath is not like taking a shower. It is a full blown bathing from laying on the hot-stone to soften the dry skins while relaxing eyes closed. Those dry skins and scraped-off with rubbing bags so there you have revealed the fresh skin out. After that you will be washed in soap foam and massaged while covered in the foam.

After the Turkish bath you will feel brand-new, relaxed and relieved. Marmaris Turkish Bath experience is a therapy, mentally & physically. Turkish bath has healing and relaxing features. An experience you MUST Try! We know you will want to go again before leaving Marmaris.

Pick-up times for “Marmaris Turkish Bath” is 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 Everyday / The whole tour lasts total of 1,5/2 hours.

Wear or pack your swim suits for this tour and have some cash in case you will want additional services, special massages.

1- You will be Picked-up from your Hotel:

You pick a time which you want to be picked-up at. 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00. You will be picked-up at the time of your choice, with a minibus.

2 – Arrival to Marmaris Turkish Bath:

You will arrive to Marmaris Turkish Bath. You will get a warm welcome and be directed to the changing rooms. You will be given a “Pestemal” – special thin towel ( cover ) to wrap around your swim-suit after you have changed. Do not forget to bring your swimming suits or shorts. There are lockers in the changing rooms where you can store your belongings. You will walk in to the Turkish bath just with a “pestemal ” covering your swim suits.

3 – Going into the Marmaris Turkish-Bath:

Turkish bath is actually one big, hot-air room where everybody baths. When you walk in to the room, you will feel the heat and the steam. You will start sweating.

Heated Marble Bed: In the middle of the room there is a heated marble real big platform where you lay down to sweat and soften your skins. The marble is really warm that you might want to fall a sleep. While your skin gets softer your pores will enlarge to breathe. You can close your eyes on here and relax while you are softening your skin and sweating. It is such a nice feeling.

Around the heated platform there are faucets and little marble tabs where you hold the water to pour down your head with a silver like cup. There are many of those to accommodate many number of people.

Scrubbing: There are stuff – professional and licensed masseuses – in the Marmaris Turkish Bath that are waiting for guests to be ready for scrubbing and foam massage. First is scrubbing. Now that you have laid down on the heated marble bed, your skin is softer, one of the professional stuff members will come and start scrubbing you with a glove like hard cloth made especially for scrubbing. Scrubbing will remove all the layers of dead skins and dirt from your body. That will cleanse your skin and open your pores clear so they can breathe better. You will be scrubbed head to toe. What an experience.

Foam Massage: After scrubbing the next process is the “foam massage” to get you cleaned real well. The foam is generated by loading a cloth bag with soaped water, and it created lots and lots of foam. That foam is put on to your body while you are still laying down. One of the stuff members will wash you and massage you with that foam on you, It is an amazing feeling.

You will get foam massaged head to toe again, sometime laying down and sometime sitting on the heated marble. You will feel soooo relieved and relaxed.

After the foam massage, you go to the side of the room to wash yourself by pouring water from those tubs on the side at your pleasure, as you wish. You can play, relax and feel the heated room.

Oil Massage: After the foam massage and you wash your body off the soap with hot water, you will go out of the heated Turkish-bath room to oil massage room. Here you will be given oil massage by professional, licensed masseuses with organic, natural oils. Head to toe you will be massaged. Just close your eyes and feel it. Afterwards you will feel like you are new born.

P.S: There are also – Sauna and Jacuzzi in the facility. You can utilize them.

4 – All Done – Time to Go Back:

After the oil massage, if you would like to add other massage services to your experience, you can for an extra charge. Once all done, it is tome to go back to your hotel. You will be dropped-off back to your hotel by the same minibuses.

Just get dressed and be ready to be picked-up.



Pick-up and drop-off (from/to Icmeler, Armutalan, Siteler, Marmaris City Center)
Foam massage
Oil Massage


Any additional services you request like “Face Mask”, “Extra Massage”
Other personal expenses

Additional information

Ticket typeAdult (13+), Child (7-12), Infant (0-6)
FoodNo Food
Excursion TypeAll Tours, Cultural Tour, Day Trips, Short Activity
DurationAnyTime, Minimum 1 Hour
Size / PersonMin 1 person

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