4 Sessions
Hotel Transfer
On the Day
4 Sessions:   From hotel pick up to return, each session takes about 3 hours Sessions: 10:00 – 12:00 – 14:00 – 16:00
Dates:   Everyday – between  April 15 th  –  October 15 th.
Booking:   For booking, chose # of Adults, Children and Guests from the “Booking Form” on the right. Select “Date and Session Time” too.

Add all the activities, tours you would like to book on this website Marmaris.com . You will print  a Ticket and get an e-mail confirmation once done. We can always change, update the bookings afterwards, before the tour dates.

This is another adventurous tour filled with adrenaline! It is muddy, wet, thrilling, exciting, dusty, fun and loud! Join us for an unforgettable a few hours where you can play like kids with kids on these Quads. Everyone loves it! Adrenalin rush anyone!!!

There are 4 different sessions at 10:00, at 12:00, at 14:00 and at 16:00 everyday
Ages of 13 and younger can NOT join the tour.

There are 2 kinds of vehicles – Quads and Buggies… You get to chose one as you desire. Sometime you HAVE TO go on the buggy in certain cases like you have a your child.

Vehicles can accommodate either one person or two. We call this “Single” or “Double”. ( “Single” and “Double” prices differ )

QUAD SAFARI – Double Quad Safari (2 people on one quad) / Single Quad Safari (One person on one quad)
BUGGY SAFARI – Double Buggy Safari (2 people on one buggy) / Single Buggy Safari (one person on one buggy)

Marmaris Quad/Buggy Safari venue is about 20 minutes outside Marmaris in the forest and away from normal traffic. The venue is a private property in the middle of pine trees, with NO Normal traffic at all. The tracks are build and designed nicely among the pine trees in the forest.

1- You will be picked-up at the time of your choice – 10:00, 12:00. 14:00 or 16:00 :

You will be picked-up from your hotel or any location with minibus. With other gusts in the minibus you will be driven about 20 minutes out of Marmaris to the Quad/Buggy Safari base place. Marmaris Quad – Buggy Safari takes place in this forest area which is surrounded with pine trees. The Quad/buggy safari venue is set up professionally and nicely for this exciting, thrilling tour.

The safari base venue also has a little supermarket, lockers, a cafe, children’s play area, showers, toilets.

When you arrive to the Quad base you will be welcomed. You will immediately feel the thrill when you hear the Quads bikes roaring.

2 – Safety Procedures & Instructions & Practice:

All the Quad bikes and buggies will be lined up on the field. Everybody will be given their vehicles ( quads or buggies ) based on their booking. Either singles or doubles, and/or Quad bikes or buggies.

Then everybody will have to go through the information, instructions session given by professional Marmaris quad, buggy safari guides. Information will be “Safety procedures & instructions, how to ride the Quad bikes and buggies,Know-how, about the tracks and the area, what to do and not to do” etc. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully, especially safety procedures.

The quads and buggies will line up one after another creating a convoy making loud engine sounds. Leaded by experienced guides you will taken to a familiarization tour. After you get used to your vehicle the real Marmaris quad safari starts. For about an hour you will follow your Marmaris quad safari tour guide, get wet, roar your engines, drive through the muddy water. You will ride along many different tracks. Some are dusty and some are wet and muddy and most tracks are bumpy. You will get dirty!!! Make the most of it and have tons of fun.

Ensure you follow your safari guide.

Spinning around with buggy, jump the hills, drive into rivers, plenty of wet and become mud man. Create your own adventure experience yourself. However you wish, drive slow or get mad on vehicle. You will not realize how quickly time passes, never enough of fun.

After the safari riding is over, everybody will return to the base. Here you can relax, show, take a shower, go to the cafe and get refreshed. Here you will also will have a chance to purchase your photos and videos that were taken while you were enjoying your Marmaris Quad safari rides.

3 – The End & Return to Marmaris:

At the end of the tour everybody will get back to the minibuses to get back to Marmaris.

– All quads are professional quads and buggies. You will be provided with an introduction about how to use them and about the safety and riding procedures. Dos and Do nots. No matter what level you are at, be comfortable.
– There will be lots and lots of water, dust and mud. SO be ready! You will also be splashing water to others while riding.

– Ages of 13 and younger can NOT join the tour.
– There will be a lot of water, mud and dust. So be ready accordingly.
– Protect your electronics while taking this tour. We are NOT responsible.
– Wear some old clothes because they will get muddy.


Included… Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off
English Speaking Crew
Full insuruance
Instructions & Guide
NOT Included… Personal expenses
Purchases at the shop
What to Bring… –  Sun Cream if you need!
– Hat & Sunglasses if you like!
– Some money/Credit Card for photos & personal expenses.
– Camera

Additional information

Ticket typeGuest, Adult (13+), Child (7-12)
FoodNo Food
Excursion TypeAdrenalin Activity, Short Activity, Some Bus Trip
Duration4 Sessions
Size / PersonMin 1 person
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com
Quad & buggy Safari in-Marmaris by Marmaris.com

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