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Book an Adrenalin Rush – Marmaris Rafting Tour!

“Marmaris Water Rafting Tour” is an Adrenalin rush tour. This is a popular Marmaris Excursion to experience. We will go to “Dalaman River” to experience this adventure. After we pick you up, it takes about 1 – 1,5 hours to get to the base where we meet all other rafters. You will get instructions of safety procedures, equipment and know-how of how to raft. Everybody will get their equipment and take and carry the rafts to the river.

Marmaris water rafting is about 2,5 – 3 hours of wild water rafting experience. During we will have breaks and will be served lunch at one of the stops in the nature.

The pick-up time for “Marmaris Rafting Tour” is 7:30-8:00 a.m. & taken by minibus first, then with rafts.

If you like excitement and want to experience something different while in Marmaris, “Marmaris Whitewater Rafting Tour” is very interesting option. If you are not scared and want to see how brave you are, take this tour. The moments that you will experience in the wild river will remain in your mind as a memory that you will never forget. “Memory of a Lifetime!”.

First of all, during Marmaris Rafting Tour, your body will be filled with adrenaline! Secondly this will be an experience to remember for a lifetime!

– Information About “the Dalaman River – Indos River ” – Difficulty Levels for Rafting:

Per whitewater rafting “Dalaman River” has 2 difficulty levels. Level R3 is at the upper part of the river. R3 level cover the hardness levels of 3-4.

The easier level R2 is built towards the lower parts of the river. This part of the river that is R2 is great for beginner rafters. This section of the river also has level R1 which is perfect for children to practice,

What brings excitement and adrenaline rush during rafting are “the rapids”. Rapids range from grades 1 – 6, 6 being the most difficult and challenging. Dalaman river offers rapids that range from 2 to 4. Most of the rapids in “the Dalaman River” are grade 4 rapids and you will be rafting at that level of 4. Grade 4 is the perfect lever to bring enjoyment to our guests.

1- You will be Picked-up:

You will be picked up at about 7:30 – 8:00 a.m by minibuses that will take the you to the rafting river base station.

2 – Arrival at the Rafting Base & Meeting of Instructions:

Marmaris water rafting tour takes place in “Dalaman River”. There is a rafting station near Dalaman River where all rafters meet. It takes about 1 to 1,5 hours to get to the meeting point of the rafting base. You will be taken there by the minibus which picked you up.

Here breakfast will be served. After breakfast all rafters will be given life-jackets, helmets and paddles. Once equipped we will get onto off-road minibuses, load our rafts on top of the off-road minibuses and continue the rest of the road to the top of the mountain. This second part driving takes about 1,5 – 2 hours to arrive to the top of the river area.

Once we arrive, we will team up with other rafters, and all rafts will have a professional rafting guide. All will gather around professional rafting guides and will be given very comprehensive instructions and training. You will know safety procedures, DOs and DON’Ts, know-how, how to paddle, info about the river etc. Please listen to the “safety procedures” carefully.

3 – Rafting Begins:

After training and instructions, we get into our rafts with our team member rafters. Each raft takes about 5-8 people. All rafts have a rafting professional guide assigned. He/she is your team leader and you follow his orders. Rafting is a team sport and your tour guide will do his best to create the team spirit as much as he can. You must also contribute to the team and help rafting to go smoothly by paddling correctly and being careful.

Are You Ready!… Not it is the moment… You let go your rafts into the stream of the “Dalaman River”. You will slowly start to feel the thrill and rush.

The rafting time on the river takes about 2 to 3 hours, about 10 km. You will stop once or twice along the way for break, swimming and cliff jumping fun.

While you are rafting, you will feel and love the lovely wilderness of “the Dalaman River (Indos)”. The mountains, pine trees, the rocks, rocky hills and canyons, overflowing whitewater etc. you will love it all.

Towards the end of the rafting experience, after 2-3 hours of excitement and adrenaline rush you will arrive to the final point of the rafting tour. Here you will get back to the off-road vehicles with rafts loaded and get back to the rafting meeting point/base. Here you will have a well deserved lunch.

During the rafting tour, one of the team members takes pictures and videos. Here you have a choice to purchase a CD of your rafting experience.

– The End and Returning back to Marmaris:

After late lunch and ordering photos and Videos CD It is time to go back to Marmaris. We will hop on to our minibuses and head back to Marmaris. You will be dropped-off back to your hotel.

ENJOY… We hope this was a great memory and experience you will never forget!

Useful tips for Marmaris rafting excursion:
1. You will be spending all day in the sun and in the water. To protect your skin it is wise to bring a water-resistant sun-screen.

2. Shoes that you will wear in the water is VERY Important. Beach flip-flops won’t work. Wear some shoes that are tight on your feet, preferably, some shoes with laces. Once you fall in to the water, you want to be able to stand up and nor=t worry about your shoes. You might lose loose shoes in the river streams.

3. At the briefing before starting rafting you will be given a lot of “caution” information. Pay very close attention to safety warnings. You will be given helmets and life-jackets. Wear them at all times. SAFETY FIRST!

4. Rafting can be challenging. Our rafting difficulty level is 4, 4+ which is average. Hardest grade is 6. Make sure you really want to take this challenging tour. You must feel comfortable. If you think it might be difficult, reconsider it.

5. Check with y our insurance company whether they will cover in case of any issues. Our rafting companies provide insurance but it is also a second measure of guarantee that your own travel insurance covers your rafting experience too, just in case.


Included… Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off
Breakfast & Lunch
Rafting Guides
NOT Included… Photos & Videos
Other personal expenses
What to Bring… – Some money/Credit Card for photos & personal expenses.
– Camera
– Comfortable Shoes / wet shoes
– Sun Cream
– Hat if you like

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Ticket typeAdult (14+)
FoodBreakfast, Lunch
Excursion TypeAdrenalin Activity, All Tours, Day Trips, Some Bus Trip, Water Sports
Size / PersonMin 1 person
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