Short-term rentals of villas, apartments, studios, houses are preferred accommodation type for some of our guests.

Of course there are pros and cons which we will list below. First off, there are many good hotels in Marmaris, which you can book through your tour-operators in your country. Hotels are more convenient most of the time.

If you insist on renting a “Short Term” private place, We Can Help You! Just fill the form to on this page and send it to us.

Because there is no “Central Villa Booking System”, we must ask around to find you the best fit. That will take a little time, calling and asking, property owners whether their property is available for your desired dates.

It is Private
Away from Hustle & Bustle
Can be better value for large groups
Like  a home
Some regulations
House rules apply
No partying, loudness etc
Could be little away from town

We will do our best to find you a “Short Term Vacation Rental”.
Please “Fill & Send” the form below.

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