Marmaris Water Sports

Marmaris Water Sports

Marmaris Water Sports

While in Marmaris you MUST try Marmaris water-sports activities and have some adrenaline rush.

Water-sport activities in Marmaris are very popular. Marmaris bay is so beautiful and it is surrounded by mountains that makes the sea in Marmaris usually very calm. There are two gateways to get out and get in-to Marmaris bay. When you cruise out of the bay, there are many small coves, bays that are so beautiful. These are secluded bays and fishermen villages.

You can “Rent a Speed Boat in Marmaris” and explore these bays, fishermen villages, caves, some secluded beaches and discover what it is like to see Marmaris and it’s bays on a speed boat.

Because of the beauty of the bays, boat trips are very popular in Marmaris. You can do the same tour with a speed-boat.

When you want to rent a speed boat with us, be assured that we co-operate with the best water-sport center in Marmaris. Their first priority is your safety first, and your pleasure second. “Safety First, Pleasure Second” is their mission statement. Our water-sport center has professional, well trained, experienced stuff, team members. Besides that water-sport centers are strictly controlled and checked by government authorities and the coast guard.

They have 7 different kind & size speed-boats that you can rent depending on the number of people will be on the speed-boat and/or your need of power. Those speed-boats can accommodate 1 to 12 people.

You will regret it if you do not try one of the water-sports activities in Marmaris.

You can book Marmaris water-sports activities in TWO WAYS with us.

IF you know what water-sports activities you want EXACTLY and how many runs you want (exactly), you can book these activities from our Marmaris Excursions page!

IF you are NOT sure what activities you want to experience and you want to decide about them all when you come to our BEST Marmaris water-sports station on the beach, please book it via our Marmaris Water-Sports Page. WE WILL COME & PICK YOU UP!
No matter how many people are in your group we will come and pick you up and bring you to the BEST water sports station in Marmaris.

Most popular water-sports activities on Marmaris are:  Jet-ski, Fly-Board, Parasailing, , Rent-Speed-Boat, Banana Boat, Fly-Fish, Paddle Board and more…

Water Sport Activity Info Price
Jet-Ski 1 Person ( 15 minutes )
Jet -Ski 2 People ( 15 minutes )
Jet-Ski 2 People ( 30 minutes )
Parasailing Single – 300 meters (7-10 minutes)
Parasailing Single – 400 meters (7-10 minutes) VIP
Parasailing Single – 600 meters (7-10 minutes) VIP
Banana 1 Person ( 15 minutes )
Ringo 1 Person ( 15 minutes )
Matrix 1 Person ( 15 minutes )
Charlot Warbind 1 Person ( 15 minutes )
Twister 1 Person ( 15 minutes )
Fly-Fish 1 Person ( 3 round )
Fly-Board 1 Person- Professional ( 15 minutes)
Fly-Board 1 Person- Beginner ( 15 minutes)
Water-Ski 1 Person- Professional ( 15 minutes)
Water-Ski 1 Person- Beginner ( 15 minutes)
Wake-Board 1 Person- Professional ( 15 minutes)
Wake-Board 1 Person- Beginner ( 15 minutes)
Pedal Boat 1 Hour
Canoe Single or Double ( 1 Hour )
450 HP Maximum 12 People ( 1 Hour )
330 HP Maximum 12 People ( 1 Hour )
315 HP Maximum 8 People ( 1 Hour )
150 HP Maximum 8 People ( 1 Hour )
135 HP Maximum 6 People ( 1 Hour )
70 HP Maximum 4 + 2 People ( 1 Hour )
60 HP Maximum 4 People ( 1 Hour )

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